‘We can win. We will win. We must win.’ – London Met University Dispute

Louise Raw is organiser of the Match Womens Festival

UNISON and UCU branches at London Metropolitan University believe the suspension of 3 staff members is part of attack by the university authorities after high-profile union campaigns against privatisation of services at the east London campus. Below Louise Raw gives her view:


Management at London Metropolitan University (LMU) have suspended three staff members and subjected 2 more to hours of interviews. A packed meeting on Tuesday called for their immediate reinstatement, as union officials and colleagues accused management of attempted union busting and victimisation.


All staff work for the internationally-recognised Working Lives Research Institute, which is dedicated to social justice and works with the trade union movement. Its Swedish counterpart, with which WLRI worked closely, was shut down overnight when a reactionary government was elected. Read More…

Did the BBC license fee pay for strip club visit?

Louise Raw is organiser of the Match Womens Festival matchwomensfestival.com

I’ve always had a good laugh at those on the Right who rush to heap blame on what they consider the Broadcasting arm of the Communist Party (as if!)


But last week I confess I spluttered into my tea like a retired Colonel, at a usually bland Radio 4 comedy show.


In Radio 4’s I’ve Never Seen Star Wars, comedian Marcus Brigstocke interviews celebs about things they’ve never done. On this episode, comedian Dave Gorman confessed he’d never been to a lap-dancing  club. On the station that is home to The Blessed Jenni Murray and Woman’s Hour, was he congratulated and sent on his way? Not a bit of it; off he trotted to the nearest strip club. Read More…

#Oct20 To Fight Austerity We Must First Do The Unthinkable: Listen to David Cameron

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Louise Raw is Director of the forthcoming Matchwomen’s Festival, Saturday July 6th 2013

Politicians tend to use history in the manner of the proverbial drunk and the lamp-post  – more for support than illumination.


The Tories are particular offenders, claiming ownership of their mythical version of the British past, a muddle of green and pleasant landed gentry, scones, warm beer, the Queen and Winston Churchill.


It is in this tradition that David Cameron has gone all Posh Robin Hood on us and announced that he wants to ‘spread privilege’.


This, of course, makes no sense on several levels; not least because privilege is by definition unfair and exclusive, a golden ticket available only to the elite, often dependant on accident of birth.

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