Unions should argue for a green economic future forged in Europe

Demonstrations against austerity have swept across Southern Europe in recent weeks, and on Saturday the marches for a Future that Works will take place in the UK.


While Europe burns with anger at austerity, David Cameron fiddles. But his efforts confuse, rather than satiate, his backbenches – and reveal little more than a flawed conviction that further deregulating one of the most liberalised labour markets in the developed world is required for our economy


Cameron is politically trapped in a party that is increasingly agitated by UKIP and is without a coherent strategy either for European growth or maximising British influence within an evolving union, but we should not deny the depth of problems facing Europe. Greek society disintegrated following its economic collapse and even the future of Greece as a democracy now no longer seems certain. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU seems grimly ironic in this desperate context.

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