Education: If it’s not broke don’t fix it! It’s not broke!

Everyone understands the government’s attempts to privatise the NHS could endanger lives as private companies seek to maximise profit at the expense of human life. Although life may not be at risk as the governments legislation in education hits home, as schools become less accountable, employ unqualified teachers and vocational subjects are marginalised. The life chances of working children are being destroyed for generations to come. Education is not broken, that’s just the Liberal Democrat election pledges. The Tories are blatant in their disregard for our children’s life chances.


This ideological attack on society, on privatising our schools is far worse than the attacks on NHS. The Coalition’s attacks on education are regressive and socially divisive. Did you know that Michael Gove our Secretary of State attended the two most recent international summits on education for the international leaders on behalf of the UK? Never made the press did it, that would expose the lie, our education system is not broken.

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