After November 14th – What we need to do next

Photo: Protestor on 14 Nov, Credit: ETUC-CES.
Austerity isn’t working – so let’s change policy, says John Evans.

THE global economy is facing a jobs emergency. Global unemployment is growing to over 200 million. The OECD and ILO estimate that 21 million jobs need to be created each year to return to pre-crisis employment rates by 2015 in the G20 alone.


Yet, with several European economies now in recession, other industrialised countries experiencing low rates of growth, and growth slowing in emerging economies, unemployment will rise further. Precarious and informal work arrangements, already at unacceptable levels, are increasing. Financial markets continue to wreak havoc on our democracies, economies and societies. People are angry and social tensions are running high.  Read More…