Nina Temple – My time as Director of Unions21 1993 – 2000

The flyer for the Unions ’94 conference – a forerunner of Unions21

Unions21 celebrates 20 years of serving the union movement in 2013


Unions21 emerged from an initiative in 1992 to support the miners’ campaign against Heseltine’s planned pit closures. There was a coincidence of interest between those of us seeking to construct some living democratic heritage out of the collapse of the Communist Party. And those exploring the possibility of creating a campaigning trade union movement, and building a positive relationship with New Labour.


This was expressed practically in the launch of the Scottish miners’ march from Glasgow to London that sought to build public support for the mining communities. This was in contrast to leftist calls demanding a general strike on the one hand, and the passive pass a resolution and wait for a Labour Government approach on the other hand. Read More…