Government to restrict public say in policy making

IN a serious challenge to democracy the government has brought in new guidance allowing ministers to provide just two weeks to consult the public on their proposals rather than the usual 12 weeks.


The Institute of Employment Rights is encouraging people to take part in a campaign against the measure.


In an email to supporters the IER says:

“Without enough time to gather strong evidence and write a clear and considered response, the public has been put at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having our say in policies that affect us all. This appears to be nothing less than an ideological attack designed to stifle opposition to the government’s policies. Join us in our campaign to raise our voices on this issue, or risk losing your chance to speak out in the future.”


To read the IER’s longer report on the change to the government’s approach to consultation, click here


The Government was accused of playing fast and loose over the recent consultation on the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board.


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