Ever noticed the similarity between Father Christmas and Karl Marx?

The father of communism meets the Father of Christmas. Credit: Radical Tea Towel Company

KARL Marx as Father Christmas is one of the designs chosen by the Radical Tea Towel Company for their cards this year. And according to Yahoo Answers, the jury is out whether they are one and the same person. But it doesn’t stop there.


The markets are clearly turning against bankers as an apron with the legend ‘the bankers must think we’re all bonkers’ has been reduced from £12 to £10. We can only suggest it’s been a bad day at the stock-ing exchange.


The Christmas card has found itself the subject of many political and industrial issues since the mid 19th century. Left-wing cards were even made the subject of an exhibition in the People’s History Museum. It’s a tradition that’s also supported by War on Want, a charity to which many unions are affiliated in recognition of their efforts to put workers’ rights at the centre of their work.


The debate on the similarity between Karl Marx and Father Christmas continues on Twitter @Unions21…



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