Fair Work Commission finds 1 in 10 part-time workers receive no workplace training

Figures released today show apart from being less well-paid, part-time work often comes with a career and training penalty.


A new poll of 1,163 employed people, performed by Survation as part of the Unions21 Fair Work Commission has found 6 in 10 say their current job is just a way to pay the bills until they can find something better, rather than one step in part of a longer career. This is higher for part-time workers (76.6%) than full-time (54.8%). 


Part-time workers are more likely to see ‘lack of opportunities to progress’ in their jobs as a barrier to workplace fairness, with 18.7% identifying it as their priority.


Part of the reason for this disparity in career prospects is likely to come from the training gap between full and part-time workers. 1 in 10 part-time workers (10.2%) said they received no training at all compared with 6.3% of full-timers.


The poll found that part-time workers rated their current workplace training as worse, with only 31.14% rating it ‘good’ compared with 44.3% of full-time employees.


From the policies we presented in the survey, working people picked ‘a guaranteed minimum level of training for all employees’ as their favourite (40.5%).


They also favoured an extension of paid time-off for training for basic skills to those up to the age of 25 (up from age 18) (17.3%), and a commitment from employers to give all employees statements on the training they should expect (15.6%).


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