11% pay increase for MP’s- sounds reasonable to me!

Warren Town is SoR Director of Industrial Relations

It appears that MP’s truly get a bad press and when they get some good news we cannot help but knock them for six.

Take the 11% increase in pay announced by the independent parliamentary watchdog. Does this seem unreasonable in the light of day?  After all is it right that we should see our leaders reduced to lining up at food banks for their cans of beans and staple diet. Is it unreasonable to expect our leaders to rummage around in their piggy banks to pay for their second home or delve into the back of the sofa in the hope they will scratch together enough money to pay for their tea and biscuits.

These are the people we elect to sort out the country, to bring us back on track and show us that all the pain and loss will be worth it. This is a monumental burden that they have to shoulder and hence is it unreasonable that as we scrimp and save for Xmas they should, at the very least, see some benefit from their toil, their burden of guilt and the difficult decisions and that they have to make day after day.

Is it not right that we should attract the most able millionaires to the cabinet and not be faced with second best?  Is it not the case that we should equate their earnings with High Court Judges, Senior Officials in Local government and Head Teachers, who have themselves struggled to keep their wages apace with rampant inflation and have been known, heaven forbid,  to downgrade their brands of whiskey all because of austerity.


Should we, public servants, not also be beacons and trendsetters and heed requests from the government that we forgo increments and any pay rise to help the country prosper? Should we not also be joyful that they have an impendent body that can legally impose any increase on them despite their pleas and utterances that they share the pain of austerity with the citizens of this nation?

Is it not time we thanked them for endless ‘U Turns’ on policy that cost us dearly in time and money, for their slavish support for their expenses policy, for their actions to undermine and destroy public service in England and should we not forget that they, not us, already earn in excess of three times the average salary of a common citizen and just a little more for so few will not make that much difference to the economic plan.
As Danny Alexander said it would be “wholly inappropriate” at a time of curbs on pay in the public sector for MP’s to receive this level of award. This goes to show that MP’s do appreciate what we are going through and that they are fully aware that they have no choice but to accept.

These are our leaders, our saviours and the very group we elect to act in our best interests.

Just keep that thought in mind in two years time.


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