Learning our lines

Trade unions are an integral part of the UK workforce, with the TUC representing 6.2 million trade union members in 2013 across 54 affiliated unions. With such a large number of trade unions in the UK, it can be difficult to learn about each trade union and how they came to be.


Union Insurance, who have been working with trade unions and their members for over 12 years, wanted to help educate the UK public about these trade unions and their history. This led to the creation of the ‘Interactive Timeline of Trade Unions in the UK’.


The timeline displays trade unions in an easy to read format, allowing people to navigate through the years to see when each trade union was formed. Information on each trade union, such as current memberships, affiliations, facts, and mergers can be viewed when a card is clicked. For example the General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union (GMB) began as the Gas Workers and General Union in 1889 and have since experienced over 25 mergers and amalgamations.


By utilising design and interactivity, the timeline aims to make information about trade unions in the UK more accessible.


The timeline can be found at: http://www.uniontimeline.com


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