Scottish Doctors to Ballot for Action to Protect Pensions

The HeraldScottish doctors will be balloted on further, escalated industrial action over pensions, that could involve a series of days of strike action with emergency cover.


The BMA has announced on its website that its council has agreed that Scotland’s hospital and public health doctors would be balloted in November if the Scottish government did not deliver a genuine alternative to the controversial NHS pension changes being pursued in the rest of the UK.


GPs in Scotland will not be balloted this time.


If doctors decided to strike, the first day of action is planned to take place on December 12, with subsequent strikes scheduled for January 8 and 17.


The UK BMA council decided in July to suspend industrial action, following the June 21 day of action, and join other health unions in talks with the government about the detail of the pension scheme changes.


Doctors leaders are also stepping up campaigning, especially against the increase in normal pension age.


The Glasgow Herald reports a negative response from Scottish Conservatives, but Dr Lewis Morrison Chairman of the BMA Scottish Consultants Committee says “We believe this is the only way we can get the Scottish Government to listen to us”.


Doctors very rarely consider industrial action, and the Government’s proposed pensions changes have succeeded in mobilising many moderate workers.


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