Will Ed Speak on October 20?


Brendan said that though this was his last visit as General Secretary, he would continue to take an interest in Labour Party Conference in the future

General Secretary of the TUC Brendan Barber has said Ed Miliband may speak at the ‘A Future That Works’ mass demonstration in London 20 October.


Speaking to Politics.co.uk at Labour Party Conference he said “October 20 will be a very big day, we are going to see, I am sure, a huge number of people rallying behind the TUC banner calling for a change of course in the management of our economy. That will obviously be a lot of trade union members but as on our previous major demonstation last year we will see a lot of people from the wider community who are now realising how off-course our economy is, how far away it is from a real recovery, and what the prospects are for austerity stretching way out into the future. This isn’t just short term pain, this is a strategy that is going hugely wrong. So we’ll get big public support I think, and I expect to see Labour supporting that call.”


“There will be a lot of people from Labour supporting us in lots of different ways on that day and that will be very welcome and important. We’ll see nearer the time exactly what the position is regarding speakers from Labour – Ed Miliband may speak and that will be finalised shortly.”


Later, commenting on the speech delivered by Ed, Brendan said: “Ed Miliband today spelled out a compelling vision of the new Britain we need to build, based on fairness and one nation social solidarity in place of inequality and division. This was an audacious performance by a confident leader preparing for the responsibilities of government.”



Ed Miliband made a speech to the rally in Hyde Park as part of the ‘March for the Alternative’ in 2011.


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  1. Dan says:

    Ed just confirmed in a conference Q&A that he will be on the march.

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