History of Our Movement – Under Threat

Pleb History: Noah Ablett won a scholarship to Ruskin College, Oxford in 1907 and while there was part of the college strike and subsequent movement that saw the creation of the Marxist educational group, the Plebs’ League

The union Prospect is calling for members to sign a petition protesting against the destruction of archives at Ruskin College, an important educational facility for working class people in the UK.


The archives of Ruskin College have been partly destroyed despite protests and an offer from the Bishopsgate Institute to take everything. What remains may still be at risk.


Academics fear that this includes irreplaceable material about, for example, Noah Ablett, George Harvey, George Sims and many other crucial activists.


“Papers have not gone to a landfill site but have been specifically destroyed. Even the removal firm seemed puzzled and sought clarification from the principal who allegedly confirmed that indeed such material must be destroyed”, writes Hilda Kean in an article on the History Workshop website.


In an article for the Times Literary Supplement David Horspool argues that is is debatable whether the provisions of the Data Protection Act do demand the destruction of personal material as the college believes.


The petition, which has over 3,000 signatures (10/10) and aims for 5,000 – is here.




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