Trustees Come Together to Understand Pension Changes

Marion Colverd is General Manager of TU Fund Managers

As market volatility causes worrying fluctuations in funding levels which has left many pension funds facing a challenging investment outlook, trustees, now more than ever, must find ways to protect the interests of their members to provide them with a good income on retirement.


The TUC encourages all trade union members who are trustees or pensions panel members to participate in its TUC Trustee Network.  This offers regular updates on regulatory and investment issues, access to training and conferences, as well as the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow member trustees at other funds.


And with today’s pensions landscape set to change significantly as rules which mean all big employers must pay into a pension scheme for their workers – a process known as auto-enrolment – the need for knowledgeable and clued-up trustees is critical.  TU Fund Managers has supported the TUC Trustee Annual Network Conference over the years and I would encourage any trade union  member who is a trustee and has not yet done so, to join the TUC Trustee Network today.


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