Raj Jethwa

Raj Jethwa is Head of Research for the Police Federation of England and Wales. In that role he has advised the organisation and the wider Staff Side of the Police Negotiating Board on some of the key issues facing the police service, including the Winsor Review of pay and conditions, the Hutton Review of public service pensions and the creation of the College of Policing. Prior to joining the Police Federation, Raj worked as an organising officer and then a policy officer at the Trades Union Congress, where he covered a wide range of issues, including higher education policy, regional development and organising initiatives and employment rights for young people. Raj previously worked as research officer for Incomes Data Services and as a researcher for Frank Dobson MP. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, where he was also a member of the Court of Governors, and a  Visiting Fellow at Kingston University.


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