Education: If it’s not broke don’t fix it! It’s not broke!

Everyone understands the government’s attempts to privatise the NHS could endanger lives as private companies seek to maximise profit at the expense of human life. Although life may not be at risk as the governments legislation in education hits home, as schools become less accountable, employ unqualified teachers and vocational subjects are marginalised. The life chances of working children are being destroyed for generations to come. Education is not broken, that’s just the Liberal Democrat election pledges. The Tories are blatant in their disregard for our children’s life chances.


This ideological attack on society, on privatising our schools is far worse than the attacks on NHS. The Coalition’s attacks on education are regressive and socially divisive. Did you know that Michael Gove our Secretary of State attended the two most recent international summits on education for the international leaders on behalf of the UK? Never made the press did it, that would expose the lie, our education system is not broken.


During the conference season NASUWT engaged with well over 3000 delegates at our conference stands at TUC, Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative. We asked


1. In the 2009 (last published) international rankings of pupil performance published by OECD (Office for Economic and Commercial Development) which country ranked highest in the following subjects

  • Mathematics a) USA b) UK c) Ireland d) Italy ANSWER UK
  • Science a) UK b) Norway c) Sweden d) France ANSWER UK
  • Reading a) Austria b) Luxembourg c) UK d) Spain ANSWER UK


2. According to a recent Harvard University study 1995 – 2009 which of the following countries education systems made the most progress?

  • Singapore b) England c) Taiwan d) Canada ANSWER UK

3. Ofsted acknowledged this was the best generation of teachers ever and in their 2011 Report found that 93% of parents were positive about their child’s school.


The academies and free schools act make education into a commodity allowing unqualified teachers in our schools, leaving those who can pay at an increasing advantage to those who cannot.


Government should be about creating a better society that benefits our children with a quality education, not one that looks to restrict equality of access by tripling tuition fees, removing support for special educational needs children and then introducing pupil premium at significantly less cost, removing the Ethnic Minority Attendance Grant and removing the Education Maintenance Allowance.


The last government created an education system that was not perfect but produced the best results in this country’s history. Martin Luther said that “for evil to survive good men do nothing” apparently there are none in this coalition as academies profligate at the expense of local authority schools. Act to save education before its too late, stand up for standards. Join the teaching unions in defending education. See you on October 20th.




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  1. Sue Foreman says:

    Some excellent points made. Unfortunately the Government won’t listen to teachers, the people who are trained and qualified to help our young people reach their potential. It angers me that we have a Secretary of State who is hell bent on imposing his own ideologies onto our education system. You only have to look at Germany before the Second World War to see where that can lead.

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