So now we are all OK?

Today we will take to the streets [again] to raise the roof and to show support for a future that works and not a future of uncertainty.


But in my more lucid moments I begin to wonder what is that we can say is a future that works and what does this future look like?


The Tories and that other lot [who seem to have fallen off the agenda now that the conference season has come to an end] would have us believe that by cutting public expenditure it will all be alright on the night. By tinkering with employment rights and hitting hardest groups that need the most support we will see the country return to the good old days and prosper.


But taking this as a problem for the bottom line on the balance sheet is nothing short of criminal.


A ‘future’, any future is about meeting expectation and creating an atmosphere for hope to develop and flourish.


It is about supporting the nation to raise expectation and it is about having a political agenda that gives the populace hope and aspiration. It is about creating confidence and a  belief that if we are seen to be as one we can beat the recession and have faith in that belief.


Sadly all that we have seen from all the political parties during and since the conference season is nothing short of tragic. Political hope is now replaced by blatant populist rhetoric.


From the Tories we have instead of ‘hug a hoddie’ we have ‘bash a burglar’. More condemnation of Europe [an easy target] and some half baked nonsense of giving up employment rights for a stake in a business that may not survive. And more recently they have turned their attention on the unions who are responsible for many of the countries ills including high council tax bills.


You would have expected that the Ed and Ed road show would capitalize on this populist rhetoric but instead they hold steadfast to the concept of ‘one nation’. Nothing wrong with that except that is it only me that cannot help but think that this is another way of saying ‘we are all in this together!’


So why are we traipsing about central London? To keep the activists happy- to give the Tories and their buddies a target or will the disruption really illustrate our feelings about the lack of hope and frustration about the political agenda from any political party.


A poor turnout will give the Tories a bat to hit us with, a good turnout- a victory for common sense.


But the fact remains Ed is that if you are coming to the party then let us have some real alternative for the future.


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