Will you be at the #Oct20 After-Party?

Captain SKA’s debut release ‘Liar Liar’ achieved chart success, critical acclaim and was featured on BBC’s Newsnight program. His subsequent singles include: What’s the Point of Nick Clegg? and new release ‘U.S Healthcare Explained’

This Saturday I’m very proud to be hosting an Official After-Party for the TUC’s #Oct20 ‘A Future That Works’ demo at Kings College London.


This event is particularly special for me as it brings together acts who have all come to prominence during the coalition era, artists whose work has been shaped by austerity. This is also a very special event as the After-Party has been directly supported by the TUC, who in sponsoring it have made a political music event at a large central London possible.


In fact it has long been my ambition to create better links between large scale gigs and the Trades Union and left-wing movement. In other countries politically sponsored music festivals are common place, for example France’s Fête de l’Humanité  which mixes music and politics very successfully and is attended by more than half a million people annually.
In the U.K however such events are few and far between. It is a missed opportunity for in recent years the corporate world has wholeheartedly jumped at the chance to sponsor music festivals, and those companies involved have no doubt benefited greatly from the publicity. I would personally much rather go to a festival or gig sponsored by a Trades Union, than one financed by a tax avoiding multinational corporation, I suspect many people feel the same.


I have been working on a plan for a large scale music festival to be held in summer 2013 that will be sponsored by Trades Union’s and other left of centre organisations which will feature well known acts that are sympathetic to the anti-austerity agenda. It’s a perfect arrangement, musicians and artists will have a better platform to engage in politics and Trades Unions and the like will no doubt benefit from the publicity, especially amongst younger people. Music and left of center politics working brilliantly together. If you think your organisation would like to get involved, do get in touch directly at: captska@gmail.com


About the #OCT20 After-Party -


Kings College London Students Union – Doors 7pm – Tickets £7 / £5 Tickets


Featuring the best of ‘New Wave’ protest music:



The band behind Anti-Cuts smash hit ‘Liar Liar’
“An infectious Synth-Reggae attack on the coalition government’ The Guardian


“Grace Petrie typifies the cuts generation…a powerful new song-writing voice.” – The Guardian


Afrobeat-dub protest mashup
“Truly Intoxicating, will leave you grinning from ear to ear.” UNCUT


DJ – JAMIE RENTON – Chili Fried
Spinning the best protest mix in town.


Compered by Socialist Comedian Joe Wells
‘Comedy Central Funniest Student 2010′ – Winner


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