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Chair of Unions21 Sue Ferns and former General Secretary of the TUC and member of the Unions21 board of Directors John Monks.

“I always like to think of Unions21 as the trade union movement’s answer to the TaxPayers’ Alliance – but with less money and more brains.” - TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady


Unions21 provides an ‘open space’ for discussion on the future of the trade union movement and the world of work. We have helped shape unions since 1993 by providing evidence, advice, new thinking and networks. 

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Unions21 created UnionHome in September 2012 to encourage debate on the issues affecting unions and their members.

To support our work you can:
1) Write for this website, email:
2) Sign-up to the email list.
3) We are mainly resourced by contributions from unions and others who work with unions that recognise we need to keep the movement evolving in an ever changing world. You can become an individual supporter of Unions21 for £2.50 per month.
4) We encourage discussion through research, publications, conferences, seminars and similar activities. You can organise a Unions21 meeting in your local area as part of Unions21-X. Unions21 may be able to help you with speakers, publicity and other resources – email:
5) Encourage your union or organisation to affiliate to Unions21, a list of affiliates is shown on the Unions21 website.
current and past Directors and Chairs

In 2013 Unions21 celebrated 20 years of serving the union movement. Pictured are current and previous Directors and Chairs. Top row L-R: John Lloyd, Matt Ball, Jenny Simms, Sue Ferns, Mike Power, Dan Whittle, Jim McCauslan. Bottom row L-R: Sarah Ward, Nina Power, Martin O’Donovan, Ken Penton