A case of casualisation

One of the core questions of the Fair Work Commission is: How do we make work more secure?


The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has said that it is wrong that in easyjet, a profitable company, there should be such an extensive use of contract pilots.


Jim McAuslan, BALPA’s General Secretary, said: ‘easyJet pilots are of course pleased at the company’s performance which has been delivered through the combined effort of all staff from top to bottom.


‘The travesty is that more and more of those pilots at the bottom are employed on casual and zero-hour contracts through middlemen and employment agencies, who have no job security and who carry huge personal debts incurred because they also have to pay for their own training. Some have to service debts of £1,400 per month on a salary of just £1,600 per month.  BALPA refuses to turn our backs on these pilots .


‘We want to see success in airlines and we want to work positively with employers to achieve it, but exploitation of casual labour is not the answer to the competitive trading environment and we will be using all means at our disposal to challenge easyJet management to stop it. Our message is simple -  if it’s an easyjet plane it should be flown by easyJet pilots.’