What the CBI Conference means for unions

1. Cameron’s attack on Equality Impact Assessments

In the Prime Minister’s speech to the CBI today he said he would ‘call time’ on Equality Impact Assessments.


He also said “Consultations, impact assessments, audits, reviews, stakeholder management, securing professional buy-in, complying with EU procurement rules, assessing sector feedback”  are “not how you get things done.” Read More…

CBI calls for more anti-union laws

IN a speech to business leaders today, Dr Neil Bentley, CBI Deputy Director-General, has put forward a wish-list of ways to restrict and cut-off unions from representing their members – and challenged the government to put it into effect.

Speaking at the Eversheds’ Labour Relations Conference, Dr Bentley said the rules governing industrial relations remain based on a model 30 years old. Read More…