Bad for workers, bad for business

Sara Ibrahim (second from right), Ian Murray MP Labour’s Shadow Minister for Employment Rights (third from right) and others.

EARLIER this week the Society of Labour Lawyers battled it out with the Conservative Lawyers over the motion that this ‘government is bad for workers and bad for business’. If you fall into either of the two camps then this proposition probably won’t surprise you.


SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) are the backbone of the UK economy employing some 14.1 million people at the start of 2012. Not only do they collectively represent almost 60% of employment in the private sector, they are more likely to employ those who have been long term unemployed. When asked in a BIS survey in 2010 what the biggest obstacle to growth was, 33% said the economy and only 7% named regulation. The number of businesses that have named regulation as a factor in the running of their business has declined on previous years. Similarly, BIS boasted in their own press release on 14 September this year that the OCED named us the most flexible labour market in the world after only the USA and Canada. Read More…

Scottish Lawyers strike in protest at cuts to legal aid

THE Scotsman front page reports that the first national strike of lawyers has been planned in Scotland in an attempt to force politicians to reverse planned changes to legal aid. Under the proposed new regime the accused would pay towards their defence costs if they have more than £68 disposable income per week – with solicitors forced to collect the money.


The Guardian reports that Scottish defence lawyers are to stage “a series of unannounced strikes at courts and police stations across the country”. This follows industrial action on Monday, when Members of the Edinburgh Bar Association, which represents defence solicitors, refused to act for their clients in the city’s sheriff court. Some lawyers demonstrated outside the court, carrying placards. Read More…

Lawyers to strike over legal aid cuts

THE Scotsman newspaper reports on its front page that lawyers  have voted in favour of strike action after launching a furious attack on proposed Scottish Government changes to Legal Aid.


According to the report the Edinburgh Bar Association (EBA) voted unanimously in favour of industrial action. Action is expected before the end of the year. Read More…